The world's most elegant folding back scratcher, Reach that itch™.

The Story

The idea of Reach that itch™ folding back scratcher came from observing colleagues at offices, in meetings or elsewhere irresistibly scratching their backs with hands, pens, rulers, file folders, against the edge of a wall, or even the door jam. We quickly realized there was no back scratcher on the market that looked good enough to be seen in public and compact enough to carry easily. So a goal was set to solve this life’s problem with a stylish and high-quality product that everyone will love and be proud to show off.

From the very beginning of the design process, we wanted simply the best back scratcher money can buy. So we pulled all the resources from our past experiences and focused on achieving the highest standard in every aspect of the "Customer Experience".  The resulting product, as we hope you will agree, is one that's beautiful to look at, easy to carry, a blessing to use, and comes with its own durable Velvet travel pouch in a jewelry-grade gift box. We think you'll be proud to use it in the office, at home, while traveling or anywhere your “itch” takes you. It’s also a great gift that will surely make the receiver admire your taste and thank you whenever those moments come (or when it’s called to duty). 

The "Special Edition" includes an additional sturdy 1680D Polyester hard case for those rough moments... like bumping around in your suitcase on the way to the Safari... or your office.

We believe, for the price of a restaurant dinner, this carefully crafted product will bring you joy for years to come, and maybe even good enough for you to tell a few friends!  But you've got to try it to believe it!

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